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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a liquor license?

No, we do not have a liquor license. We do not sell alcohol for profit therefore we do not need a liquor license to operate. We are private event bartenders who come with a mobile bar. 

Are you licensed and insured?

Yup! We are a legally licensed business and fully insured. This includes liquor liability insurance. Our bartenders are TIP certified as well. 

Who would provide the alcohol?

When it comes to providing the alcohol we have two options. One option is you shop and purchase the alcohol for the event yourself and we show up the day of the event and serve. Option two is we purchase the alcohol for you, bring it with us to the event, and include the cost of alcohol in your final invoice. 

I’ve never purchased alcohol for an event this size before, how do I go about it? 

That’s part of what we do! Whether you purchase the alcohol yourself or we do it for you, we will work with your attendance and budget to create a shopping list that won’t leave you over buying or under buying. We also offer a list of our favorite local vendors to buy bulk alcohol from. This is an optional service and you’re more than welcome to go off your own calculations and vendors of course! 

I’m not sure what to serve at my event, can you help with that?

Of course! We can chat about your event via email or phone and create a custom menu for you. We can create cocktails tailored to your event and offer suggestions on what to buy for them and how much to buy. 

Do I need to purchase anything else for my event bar?

Yes if you're planning on serving non alcoholic beverages as well. We will provide things like soda and juice for mixers but we will not provide them as a beverage option for your event. The host is still responsible for providing non alcoholic beverages as well for their event. 

The rest is on us! We will provide mixers, drink garnishes, ice, cups, cocktail napkins, straws, our own trash can, and a recycling bin for cups and bottles. If you have custom cups or napkins you would like to use for your event we are more than happy to use those instead.

My event doesn’t take place near a power hook up, can we still hire you?

Yes! We are free to wander thanks to our ultra silent generator. It can run for 12 hours keeping our coolers running and our lights on. We just like to remind our clients that while our generator IS quiet, it's impossible to make those things soundproof. We are able to get it up to 12 feet behind our trailer. Our whole trailer runs off of one outlet (two plugs) if there is a chance for us to plug in. 


Where can the trailer be parked?

For the most part we can park wherever a camper could park. All we need is flat ground and not too tight a spot to get in and out of. We do ask that if the event is at a venue then the venue is made aware ahead of time that we will be there. They might have a specific spot they want us or not want us. 

How long does it take to set up?

Ideally we like to be at events 2-3 hours prior to set up. This includes dropping the trailer, opening it up, getting the generator going and the fridges running, and getting the drinks on ice ASAP. We will of course work with whatever time frame is available to us, but if the beverages aren’t pre chilled it’s best we’re there more than an hour prior. 

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